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CryptoBox – Ready-made solution for automation of data centers and mining hotels

Complete automation solution for data centers and mining hotels CryptoBox

  • Increase profitability after implementation from 20%.
  • Reducing the cost of hosting services
  • Raise your customers’ loyalty

The main advantages of the system

  • CRM Customer Management
    Single management of data center and mining hotel in one window. All clients in one database. Ability to combine data centers from different cities into one simple and clear interface. Balance, energy costs.
    Automation of manual work
    Hashkeeper Automated Equipment Management System.
    Provides 99% efficiency of the device. Monitors and fixes all equipment problems in 3-5 minutes. Keeps your equipment safe from breakdowns through timely shutdown in case of serious problems.
    Remote access
    The customer can manage his own equipment via the interface, excluding unnecessary contact with the hotel’s Mining Director. Free access for both the customer and the director at any time, anywhere with the Internet.
    Automatic write-off
    The system records the actual power consumption at the selected tariff. Automatically writes off funds for electricity and rent from the client’s balance. Completely eliminates accounts receivable.
    Client Cabinet is a separate secure unit. All client data is safe and located in microsoft Azure, protected by two factor authentication. Ability to store cryptovite in our cold storage.

More options

  • Mining pool
    You can take advantage of our pool and earn more with us, saving on commissions.
    Customized refinements
    We build the product on customer needs. Everything you need for successful work will be implemented.
    Easy start
    Everything is clear and easy to use. No special training required.
    The robot will tell you when a person needs help…
    Customer focus
    Automation is your advantage in fighting for your customers.
    Friendly support
    We’re always in touch.

Quick start:
Install the CryptoBox application from the official source: CryptoBox.rar
2. Unpack the archive in any place convenient for you
3. Install our application and register in it

That’s it! CryptoBox ready to use

Results after CryptoBox installation:







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